Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms for the free sample packs?

  • You are allowed to use our samples for non-major label placements for free, as long as you give credit to the producer of the sample pack in the title of the beat or the credits of the song.
  • However in the case of a major label placement, or an independent song which is streamed a large number of times, you must get in touch with us to clear the sample. The full terms and conditions can be seen on this page.

Can I post a beat I made with your samples on my beat store?

  • Yes you can! We only ask that you give credit to the producer who made the sample pack, you do not have to give them a share of any income you make from your beat store.

Can I make a sample pack for Online Forever?

  • We love collaborating with up and coming producers, so if you are interested in doing a pack with us, please email us at and make sure to send some samples you have previously made.

For further questions, please contact us at